2013 – Bocas del Toro Town and Beaches

On the 1st November we motored to Bocas del Toro, 130 miles north west of here,  to the main island, Isla Colon, and anchored off the town to check-in and buy some groceries.  There are many hotels, hostels, supermarkets and restaurants.   Bocas is a popular destination for young people who enjoy surfing, snorkeling and night life.

0100    Bocas Town - Isla Colon0100d     Bocas Town- Waterfront0100h     Bocas Town- Waterfront0100l    Bocas Town

0100o    Bocas Town0100p     Bocas Town0100ss  Bocas Town101kk    Bocas Marina - Calypso Cantina restaurant

168   Anchorage-Red Frog0150  Red Frog Marina154    Red Frog Marina- Offices151   Red Frog Marina- Office and gardens

We anchored off the Red Frog marina, and went ashore where we had a quick walk round the marina are and  walked up the hill to the Kayukas restaurant.

156  Kayukos  Restaurant-Red Frog157   Views to Anchorage160   Dave, Jacqui and Walter -Kayukos Restaurant-Red Frog156f    Red Frog Marina

View from Kayukos Rest. to Mangrove anchorage

View from Kayukos Rest. to Mangrove anchorage

Once a week we used the water taxi,  “Panga” or “Pinero”  different names for these boats which seat about 15 people and use a 75hp outboard  so it is a fast trip from Red Frog to Bocas town to go shopping.  We got the 9am taxi, did shopping had lunch at the Lemon Grass restaurant and returned to Red Frog on the 2pm ferry, motoring close by  Carenero island.

112   Ferry from Red Frog to Bocas113   Ferry transport- Bocas del Toro114      Bocas Town waterfront -from Lemon Grass Restaurant118  Jacqui going back to Red Frog

115    Lemon Grass Restaurant117   Hamburger - Lemon Grass Restaurant111i    Carenero island- from ferry167

I walked to the Red Frog Spa and then to the Kayukas restaurant to take the short cut path to the beaches.

165    a couple of bridges- SPA166   Red Frog Spa-170   Short cut to beach from Hostel171   Surfers go to this tent site-Red Frog beach

At the Red Frog Beach there is a tent camp for the surfers with a restaurant and at the end of this beach is the Punta Lava restaurant.

176   Red Frog Beach177    Punta Lava178    Punta Lava Beach bar & Grill

Very pretty flowers in Bocas

050a050dd   Flowers050g   Hibiscus  Flower050h   Heiliconia

Torch Ginger

Torch Ginger


50p50pp50q70f   Fungas

I walked up the hill from the Punta Lava restaurant to the Red Frog Villas and Turtle Beach.
178   Red Frog  Villas179   Hill to Villas180  Turtle Beach - Villas180a    Turtle Beach
                                                                   I saw my first Red Dart Frog at the Tent site and then I saw the  brown Talamancan Dart frog on the short- cut path.   When it rained during the night, the following day I would see frogs on the different paths that I hiked on.
0400   The Poison Dart Red Frog0408l    Red Dart Frog
Talamancan Dart Frog

Talamancan Dart Frog

0400p    Red Frog-  Dart Frog0402

Other insects and creatures I saw there, the ant that the Red Frog eats,  Black & White spider at the Restaurant….
04100408c    Red Dart Frog eats this ant05500500c
054071904110650c   Sloth
Fantastic Sunsets in Bocas del Toro
182    Red Frog - SunsetJacqui and Walter on s.v.  Jean Marie and us motored to Zapatilla islands for a couple of days, they charge people $10 per person a day to anchor off the island and walk on the islands.
190a     s.v. Jean Marie (Jacqui & Walter)Motoring to Zapatillas Islands195  Zapatillas  islands197   us and Jean Marie   at anchor198   boardwalk across the interior- mangroves
                                                                                                                                                                      The Park rangers keep the islands clean and they maintain the boardwalk
198a     boardwalk across the interior198b   boardwalk across the interior-   Islas Zapatillas198d     Zapatillas island - Back to the Park Ranger - Camp
                                                                                                                                                                   I walked round this island
198e   Pinero199  Zapatillas199a   View to both islands199c
200c   Hotels on isla Bastimentos- town200b201   Hospital Point
                                                                                                      We did the hike to the National park from the Canopy Zip Line,  along the horse trail to the point and then returned on a path along the beach.   Views from the Canopy.
207  Views from Canopy trail205   Canopy Trail-  zip-line208  Hike the canopy trail -to point  12km208a208c
208d210210a  Views-hike in forest & along the coast211
                                                                                                                                                    We enjoyed this hike, walking part of the way in the forest which was muddy and buggy and then  along the beaches
221   Nancy key220   Lovely homes in this bay
                                                                                                              We went for a dinghy ride to the Gap which is a short cut to Almirante bay and then came back along Nancy key where we saw some lovely homes and a couple of small marinas, all very protected in this bay area.
221b    Nice- protected water-way221d
215c   Sunset- Bocas del Toro
We once again anchored off  Bocas  town to buy some groceries and then motored to Starfish Beach and Bocas del Drago
229  Arrive off Starfish  beach230    Starfish  Beach231  Dave checking the menu232   Starfish  Beach
233   Starfish  Beach241   Lovely property- Bocas del Drago242   Bocas del Drago-  restaurant247
240   I walk to Bocas del Drago255  Bocas del Drago
                                                                                                                                                               I walked on the road past Fincas and holiday homes
246   Lovely properties248  Bocas del Drago249   Bocas del Drago250   Bocas del Drago
                                                                                                                                                                  Many tourists arrive here by road taxi or water taxi
251   Views across waterway -Bocas del Drago252   Bocas del Drago -artisans253254   Bocas del Drago- perfect for swimming
                                                                                                                                                                                       Bocas Del Toro with Panama mainland in the background –  Ferry
011   Motoring to Starfish beach- Bocas coast

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